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Remember, Repent, Return
The Rev. Jeffrey Cerar

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God's Great Project

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•    Building Update, George Beckett
December 7, 2014

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•    Quarterly Report,
3nd Quarter, 2014

A weekly walk through the
"New" Anglican Catechism

20. What is the purpose of the Creeds?
Answer here
(or come back next week)

19. What is a creed?
A creed is a statement of faith. The word “creed” comes from the Latin credo, which means “I believe.”
(John 20:24-29)

   •  Mid-Atlantic Messanger
      March for Life - Special Edition
        Dioces of the Mid-Atlantic (DOMA)
January 23, 2015

Bishop John Guernsey

   •  International Update of the
        American Anglican Council
January 21, 2015

   •  Weekly Update of the
        American Anglican Council
January 23, 2015

   •  A Word from the Lord: Archbishop Beach's
weekly one-minute message
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Archbishop Foley Beach

   •  Article: Duke vs. Franklin Graham

Special Events:

   •  Announcement: Light of Christ Anglican Church

   •  January 31 - "Shepherd's Training" for Good News Club
Zion Baptist Church, Lottsburg, 10:00 AM–2:30 PM
For information contact Constance McDearmon

   •  Photos - March for Life, Washington DC

March for Life photo

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The Truth Project

Tuesday nights
7:00–8:30 PM
The Living Room

Islam: What Every Christian Needs to Know

Wednesdays, 10:00 AM – Noon
O.A. Brinkley Hall

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Pray for our mission partner
Incarnation Church
A new Anglican Church in Williamsburg

James and Anna Swynford
James and Anna Swynford
Pastor and Pastor of Worship and Arts