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Faith, Hope and Love, the Christian Dynamic
The Rev. Jeffrey Cerar

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God's Great Project

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•    Quarterly Report,
3nd Quarter, 2014

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A weekly walk through the
"New" Anglican Catechism

10. Is there any other way
of salvation?

Answer here
(or come back next week)

9. Who is Jesus Christ?
Jesus is my Savior, fully divine and fully human. He bore my sins, dying in my place on the cross, then rose from the dead to rule as anointed king over me and all creation. (Colossians 1:15-26)

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A Word from the Lord: AB's Weekly One-Minute Message
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Archbishop Foley Beach

Special Events:

   •  Report by Constance McDearmon, 10/12/14

Good News Club

   •  October 24–26 - Kairos Weekend. Sign up
to help with prayer coverage and cookies

   •  October 27 - First Baptist Church Homecoming
Parade and Cookout, Noon

   •  October 30 - Women of St. Stephen's dinner and
fellowship at the Ward's, 5:00 PM

   •  Parish Retreat 2014, Rev. David Harper
Messages and Photos online

   •  Renewing God's Great Project
The commitment period has been extended
one year to 31 January, 2017

October 5 - Congregation Meeting
October 5—19 - Discernment Period
October 19 - Commitment Sunday
October 26 - First Fruits Sunday

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Hearing from God Study

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   •  Mid-Atlantic Messenger, October 16, 2014
Newsletter of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic

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