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The King's Heart
The Rev. Jeffrey Cerar

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God's Great Project

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•    Quarterly Report,
3nd Quarter, 2014

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A weekly walk through the
"New" Anglican Catechism

13. What does it mean for you
to have faith?

Answer here
(or come back next week)

12. What does it mean for you
to repent?

To repent means that I have a change of heart, turning from sinfully serving myself to serving God as I follow Jesus Christ. I need God’s help to make this change. (Acts 2:38; 3:19)

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A Word from the Lord: Archbishop Beach's
weekly one-minute message
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Archbishop Foley Beach

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Pray for our mission partner
Incarnation Church
A new Anglican Church in Williamsburg

James and Anna Swynford
James and Anna Swynford
Pastor and Pastor of Worship and Arts

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Special Events:

   •  December Newsletter Online

Christmas Child Gifts

Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
A Day of Service

   •  Judy LeHardy reports on the 2014 DOMA Synod

   •  Jim Conley reports on his work with
Global Media Outreach

   •  November 23 - Anglican Frontier Mission's ministry to
the Miao, an unreached minority in China, will offer
fair-trade, hand created gifts for sale, Brinkley Hall

   •  November 26 - Thanksgiving Eve Service with First
Baptist Church, 7:00 PM

   •  December 14 - Congregational Meeting after worship
Election of new vestry members

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The Truth Project

Tuesday nights
7:00–8:30 PM
The Living Room

   •  Renewing God's Great Project
The commitment period has been extended
one year to 31 January, 2017

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   •  Mid-Atlantic Messenger, November 20, 2014
Newsletter of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic

Bishop John Guernsey

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